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We partner with some, brilliant, highly recommended caterers:
Breadfisher, Gurkin Catering, The Clink, & Platter and Slate
Find out more about their unique catering offerings below.


 Breadfisher Catering

May Foong Ng
[email protected]
07735 389 382

“At BreadFisher, we believe in using the finest, freshest and most genuine seasonal ingredients to create food, which is bold and authentic, maximising flavour, texture and colour.

Our ingredients used are free from artificial colourings, additives, sweeteners and MSG (unless otherwise stated). We make our own stocks and sauces. We do not use hydrogenated vegetable oil or trans fats in our cooking, in order, to deliver a consistently high standard of quality.

BreadFisher diligently seeks to partner with ethical and award winning British food producers. Our meat producers make the welfare of their animals their prime consideration, consequently, our meat products, free-range eggs, organic herbs and spices are from guaranteed, reliable and traceable sources.

Be valued. Be refreshed..”

Please note Breadfisher only offers catering for conferences and other corporate events.

May Ng - Breadfisher


 Gurkin Catering

Abed Hijazi
[email protected]
07961 892 186


“Founded almost 10 years ago, our family owned business now works with some of London’s top companies, providing a range of catering from working lunches to corporate dinners. Experience in full event management has given us the edge on providing a versatile and personalised service to our clients.

Being sustainable and environmentally friendly is a key aspect to us, and with any business we strive to improve this year on year. Increasing our UK seasonal produce and ensuring all plastics are recyclable are just a few of our goals each year. It is important to continue taking steps on this and finding new ways of working. Using our mixed heritage, we have produced a well-rounded menu for you to choose from. Taking concepts from parts of Europe and the Middle East means our menus are full of choice and perfect for large events where you will see cultures attending from around the world.”

We recommend Gurkin Catering for conferences, corporate events pop up events and performances.


The Clink

Clink Events not only offers high quality catering for private and corporate events but gives businesses and individuals the chance to contribute to and build their corporate social responsibility. Food is prepared by serving prisoners training at the award-winning Clink Restaurants and where possible using ingredients grown in our two London Clink Gardens. Clink Events works in partnership with other like-minded social enterprises such as Centrepoint – UK’s leading charity for homeless young people – to staff the event”

To see a copy of their events brochure, please click here.

We recommend The Clink for fine dining and corporate events.


 Platter and Slate

Deanna Smith
[email protected]
07776 136 834

“For us, food is for sharing and should be at the heart of a great party. Our catering team specialises in unique canapés, sharing platters, and mezzes for your party, wedding or business event. 

All our chefs are highly trained and experienced in event catering, sharing a pride in producing artisan, hand-made food using top quality ingredients. We only use seasonal ingredients, free range meats, and sustainable fish for all of our events.”

To download Platter and Slate’s brochure please click here.

We recommend Platter and Slate for weddings, celebrations, corporate and pop up events.

Deanna Smith - Platter and Slate